Start-up – no better life moments for you

29.06.20 | Autor : Waldemar Ariel Gala

I mean it. In my early years I already thought about my professional future. I watched many films, I was interested in a business, that’s all it did and I decided that I would certainly invest my first money… in myself. It built the strong awareness of the fact that the biggest rate of return is completely somewhere else.


Beginnings are not equal


It is obvious that as the short investor I am only a bystander, kind of information recipient. Everyone is like that. Me, you, your pal. I can only examine effects of the decision of other persons and the influence of different events on quotations of individual companies.

Stress is major because the value of invested capital is depending on many factors, and none of them is under my finger. And you are waking up in the morning and you are looking at locks of foreign stock exchanges, thinking, how that all will develop. And then it turns out that there was a mistake somewhere in assumptions.


Surpluses? Invest but in yourself!


I had a lot of business lessons in my life. Today I can say with a clear conscience I did them all. After these all years I know what is the medicine for constant unpredictable surprises during managing a company. It is me myself. As this way as for yourself you are a medicine. But there is one condition. You must invest only in yourself. Invest money in own rather than into another person’s initiatives. You must develop. You must have knowledge and experience. You must have own plans. You must have a value. Then you are becoming other, independent person. You will become a long-term insurance policy for yourself on both good and hard times. You  invest in yourself – wait for the fast turnabout.


How to build up yourself?


It’s not reading books that builds your competence. Not watching films. Not listening to the history of successes. It won’t be studies, diploms and other MBA’s as well. Everything can be an inspiration, can constitute the supplement. But the real answer is somewhere else. IN YOUR ACTION! Only by acting you will gain competence, experience, good manners. You will find yourself, you will build your efficiency and the business chic.

I managed it. I keep my fingers crossed for you.


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