10 mistakes by which you are not a millionaire

12.04.20 | Autor : Waldemar Ariel Gala

To become a millionaire isn’t so heavy as you may think: with passion for your plan, patience and steadfastness you are going to achieve more than it seems to you, but… Naturally the man must visualise everything in a better light, however the road to the million is rocky and bumpy, let’s not delude ourselves, but also let’s not discourage.


I enumerated 10 obstacles which you should avoid while running for the million. Firstly, concentrate on a right way of thinking. You will reach the success while thinking about it. Avoid:


1. A lack of the faith in own alternatives.


2. Requiring something impossible or excessive from yourself.


3.  Huge perfectionism – it’s fatal!


4. Copying ideas of others.


5. Having insincere and harmful people in your environment.


6. Doing everything by yourself without delegating tasks.


A good project takes time and it doesn’t come into existence day by day. Do you want to go for the million? Evaluate enough alone important values which will help you to reach it in reality! Your entire effort cannot come to nothing. You are worth the success of which you are dreaming. You are worth more than a million, therefore avoid also following obstacles and I assure you that in some time you will come back here and you will write to me: “hey buddy, you rescued my business”.


7. Avoid bad moments for the start.


8. Respect the patience in business.


9. Don’t lose count in gigantic instalments of credit – it is possible to drown quickly.


10. Intend on a long-term basis to not finish your business quickly.


The wealth and success begin in your head. It’s not important where you are today – business champions were there as well. I think that they did a kind of rebellion – decided that they wouldn’t finish the way they started and – some of them consciously, other not – act based on the power of the subconscious and the power of own thoughts – simply got what they had wanted! 

What’s your plan then?


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